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When registering, you have 10 days to pay


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Lucas Lechien (confirmed)
Wout Boswinkel (confirmed)
Keup Janssen (confirmed)
Rayven Vermeulen (confirmed)
Lucas Bracke (confirmed)
Maarten Cooiman (confirmed)
Vica Schledz (confirmed)
Jolano Schaepkens  (confirmed)
Sven Hendriksen (confirmed)
Daan Kon (confirmed)
Dean Vermeulen (confirmed)
Jason Bellis (confirmed)
Jayden Grootjans (confirmed)
Kiran Kennis (confirmed)
Selina Balneger  (confirmed)
Thies Wibbelink (confirmed)
Camille Koch (confirmed)
Stijn Hanssen (confirmed)
Niels Verkindere (confirmed)
Utah de Bel (confirmed)

Tino Antonacci (confirmed)
Luna Antonacci (confirmed)
Kenny Verbinnen (confirmed)
Jana Tranchet (confirmed)
Jesse Polderdijk (confirmed)
Damon Veldink (confirmed)

Jamie Janssen (confirmed)
Iris de Jong (confirmed)
Nico peters  (confirmed)
Patty Penders (confirmed)
Victoria Wo (confirmed)
Armen Megerdich Nazarian (confirmed)
Jeroen Gerits (confirmed)
Paul Sluijter (confirmed)
Quinn Janssen (confirmed)
Guillermo van Pamelen (confirmed)
Mateo de Ramaix (confirmed)
Jerry van Bussel (confirmed)

Luca de Wilde (confirmed)
Colin Evers (confirmed)
Jack Vermeulen (confirmed)
Vincent Meijsen (confirmed)
Vince Hannink (confirmed)

Dean Hannink (confirmed)

Melle Dikker Hupkes (reserved)
Joris van Wel (reserved)
Levi Blockx (reserved)
Christopher Ball  (reserved)
Simon Vangheluwe  (reserved)
Christian Douven (reserved)
Luca Cauwenbergh  (reserved)
Chiara Cauwenbergh  (reserved)
Rico Haarbosch (reserved)
Max Op den Kamp  (reserved)
Dylan de Wolf (reserved)
Arnaud Teuwen (reserved)
Johanna Dhoine  (reserved)
Noa Vongbounchanh  (reserved)
Victor Poiré (reserved)
Emy Golard (reserved)
Gilles Vervisch (reserved)
Kyan van Delft (reserved)
Filipe Vieira (reserved)
Maurice Haak (reserved)
Charles de Klein (reserved)
Iván Szána (reserved)

Niek van den Berge (reserved)
Gabriel Quinta (reserved)
Robin chou (reserved)
Tygo brink (reserved)
Wessel Wanten (reserved)
Rick Oedinghofen (reserved)
Joep van Leijenhorst (reserved)
Dylan Ihtiyar (reserved)
Adam Szurpit  (reserved)
Christian Opel (reserved)
Lucas Ladendorff (reserved)
Nikolaj Marsengo (reserved)
Julien Delacretaz (reserved)
Sami Max Sijri (reserved)
Benjamin Luff (reserved)
Angela Glielmi (reserved)
Cedric Grootenboer (reserved)
Swen Chevalley (reserved)
Enzo Roccati  (reserved)

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